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                  COTTON                                         VISCOSE
                          Natural cotton fiber.                          Artificial fiber viscose.

                  POLYESTER                                       PAPER
                          Polyester synthetic fiber.                     Paper material.

                  ELASTANE                                       MICROFIBRE
                          Elastane synthetic fiber.                      Microfiber synthetic fiber.

                  NYLON                                          POLIPROP.
                          Nylon synthetic fiber                          Polipropylene synthetic material.

                  POLYAMIDE                                       PVC
                          Polyamide synthetic fiber.                     PVC synthetic material.

                  ACRYLIC                                          PU
                          Acrylic synthetic fiber.                       Polyurethane syntethic material.

                  DENSITY                                        UNITS x BAG
                                                                         Number of items in a complete package in original
                          Weight of the fabric.
                   100                                            50     packaging.
                      g/m 2
                 UNITS x BOX
                         Number of articles in a full box in original
                  100    packaging.

                  a       Maximum washing temperature 30ºC.      m       Do not iron.

                  r       Do not use bleach.                     v       Do not dry cleaning.

                  j       Maximum temperature of ironing 110ºC.  p       Do not tumble dry.
                  k       Maximum temperature of ironing 150ºC.

                   ANTIBACTERIAL  Fabric finish that reduces body odor and bacterial   SOFTSHELL  Textile system composed of three layers, two
                                                                         textile layers with a windproof membrane inside.
                          Breathable and quick dryingfabric.     MONO-STRETCH  Elastic  property of the fabric  in the horizontal

                    WATERPROOF FABRIC  Fabric finish to prevent water from passing.  BI-STRETCH  Elastic property of the fabric in both horizontally
                                                                         and vertically.

                          Fabric finish for repelling water.             Wind protect system.
                  WATER REPELLENT FABRIC

                   HEATED CLOTHES  Garments including heating system.  HEAT-SEALED  Waterproof heat-sealed seams./ Waterproof heat-
                                                                         sealed seams.

                  LOFT    Three layers fabric, lightweight, warmth and
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