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Why to buy VALENTO garments?

                                                         We have a                                 We
                                      Millions           permanent                            continuously
                                     of people            stock of                            manufacture
                                      use our            more than                             maintaining
                                     garments            40 million                            our models
                                        daily.           garments                             year after year

                                     We maintain the     We produce         We are one        We have
                                      consistency of       trusted          of the most
                                     color, quality and    textiles         important,           more
                                      measurements      certiǝed with     respected and        than 25
                                       between the        the OEKO          well-known
                                      products in our   TEX Standard       brands in the       years of
                                         catalog          100 label           sector           history

                                                                             We are an            Our
                                       We respect                            European         garments are
                                      and support                                             designed and
                                       our reseller                         with 100%         manufactured
                                     partners in their                                           to dress
                                                                             European           groups of
                                                                              design             people

                                     Our garments                                              Our way of
                                     are designed        comfort is                            working is
                                      to facilitate     a key factor
                                     branding and          in our                              fast, easy
                                     customization        desings                              and simple

                     Stock             We oǙer                                 We
                   available          more than                             constantly
                   24 hours           500 models                             add new
                     online          with modern                             models,
                                                                            colors and
               designs.                                sizes

                                                                           Our products
                  We oǙer a                             Our products        are designed
                 wide variety                            are of high            and
                  of products                          quality at very     manufactured
                   in a single                           competitive        to withstand
                                                                            use and last
                     brand                                 prices            over time

                                     We use highly      We manufacture
                      Our              resistant         with the most
                 models are           fabrics and         functional
                   designed            oǙer the          materials and
                    for the            maximum           applying the
                   best use           durability of     most appropriate
                                     our garments           seams
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