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What is                                                    ?

             Valento is one of the biggest European brands
             specialized on workwear, promotional wear
             and sport wear

             The mission of VALENTO is to supply garments
             to any kind of collective

                                                  What do we want to be?

                                                    We want to be your supplier of workwear,
                                                    promotional wear and sport wear.
                                                    We want to be your solution for all your
                                                    clothing orders

          What do we offer?

             • Wide range of textile and accessories, over 10.000 references

             • Over 35 million articles on stock ready to its immediate dispatch
             • The best prices in the market

             • More than 25 years of experience
             • Sales only on B2B bases

             • The latest market trends
             • Corporate responsibility commitment

                                        You can find out all our products and
                                           services at and

                                            browse our catalogue online at

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