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New catalogue

                                 well known brand all over Europe in the textile
             sector, presents the new catalogue for 2018.                         2018

             We offer the widest textile collection on the market and our speciality

             is to supply garments to collectives focussed on the following markets:
             promotional, workwear, sports, kids, school clothes, corporate and
             causal. You can find in our catalogue more than 400 different articles
             in order to give our customers the best service possible.

             In order to satisfy the requests of your customers, it is possible to
             customize all our products using silk-screen printing, embroidery,
             sublimation, textile vinyl, patches ...

             We constantly work on developing new articles in order to offer our
             customers greater business opportunities and always paying special
             attention to the latest market trends and cutting-edge materials.

             We have introduced the following articles in the new
             catalogue: vest FRANK and coat ISLANDIA (fabric
             LOFT), school clothes as children´s overalls NOTES and

             GARDEN and bag SNACK. We have introduced such
             articles as swimsuit BUCANAN, bow tie CAPRI or
             tie MONACO and we have increased the number
             of models of sweatshirts, fleeces, coats and winter
             socks. There are four new models of sweatshirts –
             VAMUX, ENJOY, SEVEN and SKA, two new
             models of fleeces – JASON and BASSET, one
             new model of coat – MANITOBA and two new
             models of winter socks – REGUS and SIFLO.

             In addition, we have included an alphabetical
             index of products to easily search and find any

             We hope we will be able to satisfy all your needs
             with the novelties introduced in this edition.

             We appreciate the confidence you have placed
             in VALENTO!

               CORPORATE      SPORT           SCHOOL          WORK WEAR      SOUVENIRS      PROMOTIONAL     CASUAL
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