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We are one of the leading European
                                                                manufacturers of workwear, sportswear and
                                                                promotional wear.


                                                                                 Our mission is to dress any
                                                                                 kind of group of people.

                                                               Our vision is to continuously improve to offer the
                                                               best solution to dress any kind of group of people.

                                                                   Our promise is to maintain a wide variety of quality
                                                                   products, competitive prices and a large stock
                                                                   available to serve quickly.

                                                      -  Within the company our main values are safety, respect and
                                                      -  Outside the company, our main values are to respect and help
                                                       our reseller partners in their business, positively impacting in the

                                                           We are very aware of sustainability because society and the
                                                           planet belong to everyone. To achieve this, we are constantly
                                                           looking for ways to have a positive impact, with actions such
                                                           as:  - OekoTex certi ed
                                                            - Recycling
                                                            - Reduction of consumption
                                                            - Reduction of CO 2 emissions
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